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Darksiders II 100% save

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    Ngày Tham Gia : 2013-11-13

    Post by luporpa on 13/11/13, 03:55 pm

    M=mystics, P=power, R=resistance
    MMM 5 Arcane
    PPP 5 Strength
    RRR 20 Resistance
    MMP 2% Arcane Critical Chance
    MMR 10% Arcane Critical Damage
    PPM 2% Critical Chance
    PPR 10% Critical Damage
    RRM 20 Wrath
    RRP 20 Defense
    MPR 30 Health 

    WARNING: If you decide to turn in the relics to Ostegoth, in Kingdom of the Dead, it will also give you the Secondary Adventure and BFA cheevo, which is unlock everything and the last cheevo of the game. So make sure you have all other quest achievements done on your own saves. Whatever.

    You can also go to Crucible and defeat Wicked K.

    (PS: The Crucible and Death Rides Pack were installed.)

    Do not forget to R & R both saves 0 and 4.

    dark2 -100%.rar